Human capital development

  1. Recruitment Domestic and abroad

-  Analysis of Needs based on Human Resource Characteristics

-  Prepare call documents with description of taks, objective and outcomes

-  Selection of Staffs

-  Provide test to Staffs under hiring

-  Correction of test hired

-  Publish selected candidates

- Produce Induction manuals and induct Staffs

- Prepare Staff contracts, Personel manuals procedures and internal regulations

-  Prepare KPI for staffs

- Conduct Performance evaluation of staffs

  1. Internship

-  Listing Candidates for internership

-  Search hosting organizations

-  Appointing/orientation of selected candidates for internship

- Follow up internees for further potential and urgent recruitment

  1. Trainings

-  Prepare modules for trainings

- Prepare Trainer of trainer in different field of development

- Evaluation of training 

- Human capital and social capital improvement

-  Material strategy and technology

- Human resource mindsets changes

  1. The impact of Human Capital Development:
  • Development of innovation for better equity and economic growth
  • Physical capital accumulation
  • Reduce un employment ratio
  • Resource allocation effectively for organization
  • Increase domestic income
  • Valuing and help revising education sector program for existed needs of stakeholders
  1. Country of workings for Human capital development
  2. Rwanda
  3. Sultanate of Oman
  4. UAE and Europe future target market