Business Consultant responsibilities include:

  • Organizing and executing assigned business projects on behalf of clients according to client’s requirements
  • Meeting with assigned clients when needed and perform an initial assessment of a problematic situation
  • Collecting information about the client’s business through a variety of methods (shadowing, interviews, surveys, reading reports etc.)
business consultant job description

Job brief

We are looking for a qualified Business Consultant to help our clients reform their operations and support their business by providing intuitive guidance. You will be an important ally to every organization who wants to invest in change and improvement and needs help as to where and how. You will also undertake projects on behalf of the client’s business when it lacks resources or motive to perform them in-house.

A successful business consultant has first and foremost a broad knowledge of the many facets of business and market forces. The ideal candidate will also possess great problem-solving skills to provide solutions and recommendations that will increase profitability and efficiency.

The goal is to contribute to the clients’ long lasting success so that our reputation can expand along with our clientele.


  • Organize and execute assigned business projects on behalf of clients (recruiting, payroll, promotional campaigns etc.) according to client’s requirements
  • Meet with assigned clients when needed and perform an initial assessment of a problematic situation
  • Collect information about the client’s business through a variety of methods (shadowing, interviews, surveys, reading reports etc.)
  • Analyze and interpret data to unearth weaknesses and problems, and comprehend the causes  
  • Formulate recommendations and solutions with attention to a client’s wishes, capabilities and limitations forming concise reports
  • Present findings and suggestions to clients with ample justification and practical advice
  • Develop detailed business plans to drive small or radical changes
  • Assist the client in implementing the plan and resolve any occasional discrepancies
  • Provide guidance for any occurring problems and issues

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as business consultant or equivalent
  • Knowledge of diverse business matters such as IT, Marketing, HR etc.
  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • Familiarity with a wide selection of business management software (CRM, ERP etc.) and databases
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
  • Analytical mind with excellent data collection and analysis skills
  • Aptitude in creative problem-solving
  • BSc/BA in business administration or relevant field; MSc/MA in a specialized business field will be an advantage
  • Certified Management Consultant is a plus

Frequently asked questions

What does a Business Consultant do?

Business Consultants work in specific industries and fields. They have a deep understanding and knowledge of the business vertical they are servicing. They help guide businesses and individuals to achieve specific goals. Usually, consultants join teams to help complement and provide support for specific areas of expertise. Some Business Consultants help fill knowledge gaps when a full-time staff member may not be necessary.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Business Consultant?

On a day-to-day basis, Business Consultants are involved in a variety of activities. Specific duties are highly dependent on the company they work for and their needs. Generally, Business Consultants attend meetings, help set benchmarks, provide strategic plans, and gather information to help analyze the efficiency of projects.

What makes a good Business Consultant?

A good Business Consultant is exceptionally organized, has in-depth knowledge in a specific industry, and is an effective written and verbal communicator. They have to identify problems, provide a roadmap to solve the problem and analyze the process and outcome. Another critical part of being a good Business Consultant is maneuvering sensitive conversations professionally. They should be able to frame and gracefully share feedback so that it’s not perceived as unfavorable.

Who does a Business Consultant work with?

Business Consultants can work with a variety of people in different roles. For example, Business Consultants can work with CEOs, VPs, Directors and Managers.

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